Zephyr is Loving Life

I often wonder if the MEOW Foundation wanted to know how their adopted cats turned out, years later…

Almost 14-years ago – I adopted a kitty named Smartie. It was April 5th, 2003. I renamed him Zephyr and moved him out to BC.

He will be 15 this year! I wanted to let you know how he was doing.

ZephyrDespite having renal failure for over 2-years, Zephyr (Smartie) is doing very well. He’s happy, a little chubby, still active despite renal failure and a bit of arthritis. He is VERY loved. <3 We spoil him rotten.

I’ve enclosed a recent pic for you as well as a few I’ve taken through the years (I’m an amateur photographer). I’m not sure if anyone is still there from 14-years ago or if your data base goes back that far, but it never hurts to know how the adopted cats have made out.