Yoshi the Ninja Kitty

Everything is going great with our Yoshi (MEOW name Feist).

So far Sharon has trained “Yoshi” to play fetch and he comes to us all the time for lovies now. Yoshi still doesn’t like to be picked up, but that’s Ok. Tigger and Jack aren’t too keen on the idea either?

He’s getting along with the other cat just fine. I think he’s feeling right at home and Jack has taken him under his wing so to speak.

He is very smart and Sharon is extremely happy that we have him as are Liam and I. He eats like a horse and runs around like crazy. Oh ya, he got his name Yoshi because he is so quick and when he went to hide you couldn’t find him and that is how he became “Yoshi… Ninja Kitty”

Thanks for everything Brenda,

Ian, Sharon and Liam