Logan and Parker

Update from Logan and Parker

We just wanted to send you a quick update about our adorable little boys – Logan and Parker (MEOW names Batty & Sashimi respectively). We adopted these brothers about 8 months ago and they have grown so much! Not only in size – they are no longer tiny little kittens anymore, they are starting to look like real cats! – but also in personality.

They LOVE to play with their toy mice – they are excellent at flipping the mice in the air and batting at them! They also love to cuddle with us, especially when we’re on our computers or in bed reading. They were quite shy at first and hid under the bed for the first day or two, but they have quickly made our apartment their home and enjoy chasing each other from one end of it to the other! They certainly provide a lot of laughs! Though they are brothers, they look very different, and have very different personalities as well. Parker is very vocal and constantly tries to partake in our conversations! He also loves to cuddle and be held. Logan isn’t as chatty, but he does chirp when he’s excited or wants attention. He loves to sleep sprawled out on our laps and sometimes even upside down! These boys are full of energy and we couldn’t be happier with our new family!

Thanks for everything,

Sandy and Aaron