Three’s a Charm

It’s been almost three months since we adopted Nappers and Sophia and we’re so happy to have them in our lives! It wasn’t the easiest transition to start with but we’re so happy we stuck it out.

Sophia did not like her big brother Bug (our cat we already had) at the beginning. She would hiss and growl any time that he came near her. But after a couple of weeks she realized that Bug is a friendly giant and just wanted to be friends and now she loves chasing him around the house. She’s such an inquisitive girl with tons of energy. She’s definitely keeping her brothers on their toes!

BugandNappersIt took over a month for Nappers to come out of hiding. He would move from one hiding spot to another in our house and would hiss any time we came near him. He was very scared and did not like being touched at all. He would hiss and cringe away any time we tried to pet him. But I’m happy to say that Nappers no longer hides and loves a good chin scratch and pet. We still have to move slowly around him but he’s jumping up on the couch now and even occasionally sleeping with us. He loves his big brother Bug and his sister Sophia and is coming around a bit more every day. He’s such a lovable guy and every day we get to see more of his personality.

We’re looking forward to many years of love and fun with all of our kitties.

Dan & Ashley