The tale of the treat crisis

This past week has been extremely busy and difficult. I’m sure you must have noticed the sky falling? It did at my house (a.k.a. the kingdom of Joel)!

As I have previously mentioned, Joel (MEOW name Valiente) is very much a routine cat. He has his needs and wants and makes sure to receive them! He does not deal well with change of any sort and frankly becomes exceptionally miserable. Sadly, his little tube treats that he has three times a day were not available recently. There are two other brands and, to be certain I had something to offer, I purchased them. One was from a vet and the other I purchased from a boutique pet store.

I was rather loudly informed that both of these products were unacceptable and my efforts to appease Joel were insufficient! I tried another product called ‘lickable treats your cat will love’ and he did not like them or love them.

There are three adults living in this house. On Saturday, we each took a quadrant of the city and scoured every Walmart and pet store, hunting down the specific brand that his highness likes. Yes, three adults strategically scouring the city for one cat! We were on a mission. So, armed with debit cards and cell phones, we hit the stores one by one.

It worked! We found them! Here were the adults jumping for joy texting each other on how many and where we found the elusive tube treats. We all returned home with our treasured cat treats feeling like we had just won the lottery. Our delight was evident as we all raced to show Joel that the tube crisis was now over. As we were all basking in the joy of having resolved this crisis like it was a nuclear arms deal, we then realized the impact. Yes, the three grown adults had been masterfully manipulated by a senior cat. I would even dare to say that the humour was not lost on Joel as he looked on, examined the packages and gave his approval!

As usual the antics of Joel and his powerful personality keep us on our toes and make us giggle!