The Rewards of a Shy Cat

I can’t thank you enough for all that you do for cats. I wouldn’t have my babies if it wasn’t for you.

I first got Jade (MEOW name Madame Astra). She is full of character. She usually greets everyone at the door and offers her tummy. After a few months, I noticed that I had become Jade’s world and she was lonely. I then got Milo (MEOW name Layan). Milo was a shy boy. He had a great start thanks to his foster mom! Jade really was not impressed with him and it was really challenging in the beginning.

After an afternoon of napping on the couch with Milo purring and sleeping beside me, I knew I had to make it work. Jade would never admit it but she loves her brother and the companionship that he brings her. Milo, being a shy cat, has really impressed me! He is my shadow and constantly wants to cuddle. I forget at times that he was a shy cat. This took a lot of work from his foster mom and me. He does still have the ‘stranger danger’ instinct when visitors come over but can be lured out of hiding with treats or his favorite toy.

When I look at MEOW Foundation’s Blossoming Shy Buddies page on the Cat-a-logue, it makes me sad to see so many of them. It breaks my heart when I see them returned from tying out their new homes.

I would like to encourage people to get shy cats. The rewards are endless. Once you earn a shy cat’s trust, the relationship is like no other and the rewards are endless. Yes, they need more attention and care. Yes, they are more work in the beginning and yes you will want to give up at times. But you must remember that their shyness is fear; it isn’t personal.

‘Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations’ – Unknown

Thanks so much MEOW Foundation for all of the things that you do!

Milo and Jade playin
Milo (orange) and Jade (in paper bag) playing!

– Jade & Milo’s Human (Natasha)