The Eccentric Lucy

It has almost been a year since I adopted Lucy (MEOW name Ryana) during the Valentine’s Day drive, and I wanted to send you an update on how well she is doing. Lucy was in the care of MEOW for almost 7 months after being trapped at an industrial site. She was quite a shy cat when I met her, and while she is still not fond of strangers, her true (very eccentric) personality has now emerged. She is not afraid to make her preferences known, sometimes quite loudly and in the early morning hours. For the first few months, she stuck to the spare room where she was first introduced to the house, but she is now roaming the space freely. At least she is no longer hiding her cat toys – she used to stop and pretend innocence whenever I entered the room while she was playing. She has become increasingly active, and she particularly enjoys chasing milk caps.

Her favourite spot is her sweater bed (picture attached), but she will not let you pet her there – instead, she leads you to the couch that she has deemed the only appropriate place to receive affection in our home. As long as you follow these rules, she will allow you to snuggle and brush her for long periods of time. I am well aware that I am the one that has been trained in this relationship. She isn’t quite a lap cat yet, but who knows what another year will bring.

Thank you for your care of Lucy during her stay with MEOW.

Best wishes,