The Best Fur Baby of All

I hope you remember me, but I adopted Paula the beautiful kitty back in April. Just wanted to give everyone an update on how she’s doing! She’s settled in really well and has a lot of favorite spots to sleep. She has a little bed by the window to watch all the goings-on (and right by the heating vent too of course). She enjoys her bed in my Ikea chair that I’ve put out for her, and loves hiding under my Paula in the blanketsblankets too. I’m her favorite bed of course when I get home. It’s nice to see and hear someone so happy to see me when I get home from work. She’ll meow by my suite door if she hears me or my voice when I come in the front door. Her happy little chirps fill me with so much joy and love. I couldn’t ask for a better fur baby!

Thank you so much for letting me adopt her!