Thank you for the gift of Esther and Myrtle

Esther and Myrtle continue to make progress. Esther has learned the phrase ‘fire is on’. They both understand ‘front door is open’. They are definitely ex-outdoor cats!

Myrtle was on the coffee table last night licking the crumbs off my plate! I was sitting less than three feet away from her. Esther now allows me to empty her litter box and clean her room every morning and does not always leave the room.

Finally, they are both on a weight loss program and don’t know it! I do not want to stress them out by throwing a towel over them and standing on a scale with them. They have wet food twice a day and kibble in small portions. I have them down from a combined 500 cal a day to 400. The vet would like them at 180 each. I am unable to feed them separately. They stare at each other through the glass window. I think they have separation anxiety!

I have bought a microchip feeder and have trained Myrtle to use it with the lid open. She prefers to eat with her sister in their room. Not sure that’s going to work!

Thank you for the gift of Esther and Myrtle.