Sydney and Pepper cuddle in a basket

Sweet and Affectionate Sydney

Sydney (MEOW name Alister) is so sweet and affectionate. She is almost constantly purring. She practically starts purring when we just look at her! She is also very vocal and lets us know what she wants, but we don’t mind. And she can’t seem to get enough of playing fetch with her fuzzy ball! She is also getting along very well with our first cat Pepper.

Pepper’s a year older than Sydney. We tried to introduce them slowly but they were very insistent on meeting each other. We would let her out of her safe room for short periods of time to introduce them. Within a week they were buddies! It appears that Sydney is the ‘boss’, lol. But they enjoy each other’s company. I have never seen them fight (and hopefully I never will). They are often busy snuggling, grooming and playing with each other. It’s been a real treat to have them and see them enjoy each other’s company.

Thank you again for everything!

Pepper and Sydney hang out on a bedspread