Spotlight on Duckie

Some cats require a lot of time and patience when settling into a new home or adapting to any other life change. Others take to new surroundings and situations like a duck to water. Duckie is definitely true to his namesake in that regard!

At 14-years-old, this independent boy certainly has plenty of stories to tell. He arrived at MEOW Foundation almost one year ago as sadly, he was unable to stay in his former home. Luckily for Duckie, it didn’t take long for him to find a new pad to claim as his own, if only temporarily. Indeed, he certainly made a splash at his current foster home, where he quickly let his human foster family know who’s boss.\"\"

“Duckie is a feisty older cat who is very independent. He prances around the house like he owns the place and he likes to cuddle on the bed when he wants his head scratched. When Duckie is ready to play you will know! He will pounce and swat his favourite wand toy,” says Duckie’s Foster Mom Rebecca.

According to Rebecca, Duckie adapted to their home in no time. In fact, he was eager to explore every nook and cranny and quickly made sure that no room was left unexplored.

“Duckie is a very smart cat who likes to try and open doors of all kinds. He walks around the house tapping on doors to see if they will open. If he is lucky enough to get one open, he will quickly dart into a room and claim it for his own,” explains Rebecca.

Since arriving at his foster home, Duckie has been faced with many more surprises and for the most part, he took them in his stride. According to Rebecca, Duckie has approached house guests with curiosity and confidence, while he even accepted his new doggy housemate.

“Surprisingly, he did not hide when the dog came into the house. He was initially a little aggressive when the dog came near but within a day, he realized he was still the boss of the house and began to ignore the dog. Now they both live in peaceful coexistence, but sadly they do not cuddle together.”

Duckie is quite an easy-going guy, provided that everyone remains aware that he is king of the house. If anyone forgets, he will be sure to let them know!

\"\" Duckie… feisty and independent

“Duckie will quickly teach you his boundaries. If he does not want to be pet, he will give you a little nip,” says Rebecca. “He needs people who will give him attention and play with him, but will also respect his space.”

As an independent feline, Duckie is happy to make humans aware of his needs. This food-motivated fellow makes sure that his humans never miss a meal. Indeed, with his distinctive meow, he is a difficult guy to ignore!

“Duckie has a special meow. It sounds like he is quacking, hence his name Duckie!” says Rebecca. “It is super cute when you are feeding him; he will chirp away until he gets his food.”

Duckie’s unusual voice is just one of the many unique things about him. Unfortunately, some of the others are not so positive. Soon after he arrived at MEOW Foundation, we discovered that he had diabetes. However, don’t let this put you off this special boy. His condition can be managed with inexpensive and fuss-free insulin injections twice a day, along with monitoring and a diabetic management prescription diet.

“We feed him every twelve hours (7 am and 7 pm) and give him his insulin half an hour later (7:30 am and 7:30 pm). When we give him his insulin, we give him a small portion of food so he does not even notice the injection,” explains Rebecca. “Giving him his insulin is quick and easy once you get used to administering the injection. We were originally nervous about giving him injections but it turned out to be easier than giving pills to cats!”

Though Duckie needs insulin twice a day, Rebecca says that he is otherwise an easy cat to take care of.

“He has never thrown up his food or hair balls and has always used his litter.”

As a senior cat, we think Duckie is ready for a retirement home where he can reign over his human family.

“Duckie would do well with a single person, couple or a family with older children,” says Rebecca. “Consider adopting Duckie if you want an easy, independent cat, who will become the king of your house. He has a cute little chirping meow that will make you smile on a daily basis.”

To find out more about him and to apply to meet him, visit our website and take a look at his profile.