Shop with MEOW

There are several ways you can shop for items you want or need while supporting MEOW Foundation's work with your purchase.

MEOW Charity Thrift Shop: Our Calgary-based thrift shop features lots of daylight, a carefully organized collection of products, and friendly, helpful service. You'll find pre-owned treasures, hand-made items for your pets, MEOW-branded merchandise, and unique products from some of our supporting businesses. 100% of thrift shop proceeds go to MEOW Foundation.

Shop our Online Store: Shop from a wide selection of MEOW branded and MEOW volunteer-made products for cats and humans alike. Canada-wide shipping available.

MEOW Products at Local Retailers: Our MEOW calendars and hand-made cat beds and pads are available at a number of retailers around Calgary. This page lists where you'll find them.

Shop with our Partner Businesses: Partner businesses donate a portion of their sales proceeds to MEOW Foundation or support us in our work in other ways. This page lets you know who those businesses are. Did you know you can help MEOW rescue cats by donating your clothes?


Partner Businesses