She Came Into Our Lives for a Reason

We wanted to update you on our darling girl Carly Cricket, who is now known as ‘Scully’. 

From the moment we saw her, we knew it was meant to be, though we didn’t know how much we truly needed her until we brought her home… 

Her demeanor immediately changed the minute she entered our home. She went from the scared and growling/hissing kitten we saw in the Cat Cafe, to purring nonstop, kissing and snuggling. 

She was submissive and patient with our resident cat, Sable. And although we were concerned Sable wouldn’t take to her, they soon became even closer than we imagined.  

Sable would insist on always being in the same room as Scully, and I caught them talking in tiny squeaks and chirps everyday. They played nicely, ate together peacefully, napped together quietly and were respectful of each other. They even shared their treats and toys! 

Unfortunately, we lost our sweet Sable suddenly and unexpectedly to a brain tumor… She deteriorated very quickly and we had to say goodbye to her right before Christmas…  

It was the hardest thing we have ever had to do. We were absolutely devastated. It was like losing a child. And watching Scully look for Sable made it even more difficult. We had adopted a second cat because Sable had separation anxiety, and now Scully was alone. It broke our hearts…

After a few days of searching for her playmate and sister, Scully finally bounced back; snugglier and lovier than ever. She knew that we needed help getting through our grief.  

She kissed away my tears and always stuck with me, she practically became my shadow. That’s when I realized how truly lucky and blessed we were to have her. She had come into our lives for a reason, and we were so grateful she had picked us. 

She hasn’t left my side, she has loved us both unconditionally and helps us to overcome our grief, sadness and feelings of loss everyday. And I don’t know what we would have done without her. <3 

Scully plays fetch with us everyday. She sits and stands for treats. She knows the commands: “sit”, “speak”, “kisses”, “drop it”, “jump up” and “bedtime”. She climbs in our shirts for cuddles. We have riveting conversations from morning ’til night and watch “Planet Earth” together. She loves to jump on our shoulders and oversee what we’re doing. We play hide and seek. She has more furniture than we do. She’s a social butterfly. And she is so spoiled and loved.  

She is perfect, my boyfriend and I couldn’t imagine our lives without her. And we are certain she added to Sable’s life also.  

Thank you for bringing Scully into our lives, MEOW.