Scout and Jem Rule the Roost

Dear MEOW,

Today is our third cat-aversary, the day we welcomed Cracker and Louis into our home and renamed them Scout and Jem. We wanted to send a quick update on how they are doing.

img_6952Scout and Jem rule the roost – there isn’t much that they don’t get into around our house. Their favourite part of the house is the basement, since the door is normally kept closed. Both of them will run to the hall if they think we might be opening the door. Our independent girl, Scout, will stay downstairs all afternoon, napping on a box. Our silly boy, Jem, will only stay downstairs a minute or two, even if he’s been crying sadly at the door all day. Deep down, he’d rather be upstairs with us. They both love our company – Scout demands attention and will crawl on our lap or wake us up in the night if she needs snuggles. The most common time for her to need cuddles is when we’re on the computer, in what we’ve dubbed “the love chair.” Jem is less demanding, but he adores sitting on the couch between us. Often he tries to stretch out so he can touch both of us with his paws. They both love to play, and always get excited when we bring home new toys! They are such big goofballs and make us laugh every day!

Thank you so much for bringing them into our lives!

Tara F & Tamarea B

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