Scout and Jem

Scout and Jem Happy at Home

It’s hard to believe that it has been six months since we took Scout (MEOW name Cracker) and Jem (MEOW name Louis)  home – sometimes it seems like it was only yesterday, and other times it seems like they’ve been with us forever. They have certainly taken over the place and are acting like they own the joint.

They have both gotten so big. Jem is just over 10 pounds, and Scout is just under, but since she’s a bit younger, we suspect she will catch up to him soon. They love to play – our newest acquisition is a laser pointer and they love it! They have a little box of toys that they can pick and choose from. They help themselves to whatever they like, and sometimes they even put them away when they’re done. They love each other and are always in the same room, playing, wrestling, or sleeping together.

Jem (left) and Scout (right)
Jem (left) and Scout (right)

Scout can entertain herself for hours playing by herself, but she also loves to play fetch with us with her spring toy! She also loves water – whether it’s coming from the sink, the bathtub, or their drinking fountain. She’s jumped in the tub while the shower was going a couple of times, so they get locked out now. She’s a little social butterfly and loves every visitor – she thinks everyone’s there to see her. She’s a chatterbox – she has lots to say and she wants us to hear it.

Jem likes to sleep more than his sister, but he’s always up for a wrestling match. He’s a little daredevil and loves to see how high he can get – jumping on tall bookshelves and bed frames is a great game! He loves looking out the windows all over the house, and has many of the mannerisms that our previous cat did. He’s getting much more comfortable with guests, though he still runs when the doorbell rings. He’s pretty quiet, but when he really wants something he’ll meow for it.

Thanks again for fostering our babies until they could come to their forever home!

Tara & Tamarea