Ritsu Really is Just a Big Sweetheart!

We had the absolute pleasure of getting to adopt little Mazu (renamed to Ritsu) way back in June and we couldn’t be happier with this little troublemaker.  She loves to bug our other two older kitties, Luna and especially Sushi who is able to keep up with her (which is probably why she picks on Sushi more) but that’s typical of younger siblings. She also likes to get her nose into everything and likes to know everything that you’re doing and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  She’s such a great companion and the happiest cat I’ve ever met, she has no temper at all and just wants your love and attention, head and ear rubs are her favorite and of course curling up right next to you for a quick power nap and is almost always just purring away. She recently discovered snow through our windows and doesn’t quite understand what the white stuff is, (she thinks the snow stuck to the window are bugs and wants to attack and eat them) and does the little purrmeow when she can’t get at it due to the glass blocking her way. She also likes to give me presents which is just some of her smaller toys stuffed into my shoes. She really is just a big sweetheart!

I feel very lucky to have Ritsu and she has all the love and company she can receive from her big loving family.

I want to thank MEOW and Ritsu’s foster home for all their help and support in making this adoption possible.