Resources for Cat Owners

Whether you are a first time cat owner preparing to welcome kitty home, or a cat parent of considerable experience, we’re here to assist you and your cat in leading the healthiest, happiest and most productive companion years of your lives.

Below you'll find a range of free downloadable resource sheets on topics related to feline behaviour and health.

Looking for more information on a specific cat-related issue or topic? Check out our Useful Links page for a list of informative websites all about cats.

Cat Resources Section

Bringing Home a Cat

Cat Behaviour

Adopting a Very Shy or Feral Cat

Cat Health and Safety (Poisons)

Emergency Vets in Calgary

Pet Insurance and Alternatives

Vacation Care for your Cat

Temporary Care for your Cat

Help with Vet Costs (SNAP)

Moving into a New Home

Rehoming your Cat

Bequest of a Cat

Information Sheets for Cat Owners

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