Bequeath of your Companion Cat(s)

MEOW recognizes that leaving the care of your companion cat(s) to a trusted friend or family member is not always an option. In fact, many of our supporters ask about entrusting the care of their cat(s) to MEOW Foundation in the event of their death or inability to care for their pets due to critical illness.

To assist, MEOW has developed an option for care available to those looking to bequest their companion cat(s), along with some guidelines.

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Review our MEOW Foundation Estate Planning Brochure (PDF).

Hands of old senior with grey cat

Bequeath Commitment

MEOW Foundation depends on donations from people just like you to fund our programs and Adoption Centre. To continue our work in the community and to make provisions to accept your beloved cat(s) into our care, it is necessary that the legal owner/donor make the following financial provisions to MEOW Foundation:

  • $5,000 Cats under 3 years of age
  • $8,000 Cats 3 - 6 years of age
  • $12,000 Cats over 6 years of age

The donation required increases with the age of the cat to help cover the cost of any medical treatment necessary for your cat(s) while in our care. To support our mission, the amount bequeathed also supports and improves the lives of the other cats in our care.

Steps to Bequeath Your Companion Cat(s) to MEOW Foundation

  1. Ask your lawyer to state specifically in your will that you wish to have your cat(s) surrendered to MEOW Foundation and ask him/her to incorporate the suggested language:I give to MEOW Foundation for the Adoption of Abandoned Cats currently at Box 65024 RPO North Hill, Calgary, AB T2N 4T6,the sum of $_____. This gift is unrestricted and may be designated at the discretion of the Board of Directors of MEOW Foundation.
  2. Prepare a document to accompany your will with information about your cat(s). This document should include photos, age, habits, medical history and medications, any behavioural issues, favourite food and toys and an emergency contact that will care for your cat temporarily until your estate is administered.
  3. Inform your executor, family members and friends of your wishes and advise them of how to transfer your cat to MEOW’s care.