Red Rocket Anarchist Cat

Happy New Year! This has been our third Christmas with our beautiful cat Jayce (aka The Red Rocket Anarchist Cat). We wanted to take a moment to thank MEOW Foundation and to let you know that we have been very happy to have him in our lives. He adds daily fun and laughter with his antics. He loves his bed and usually sleeps with his favourite toy – a stuffed unicorn. He also looks for high places to hang out, often sitting on his scratching perch or other fun places so he can watch what everyone is doing.

Jayce Our family and friends enjoy hanging out with him, he welcomes everyone at the door and is not shy about cuddles or playing fetch with people he has just met. Just like all animals, The Red Rocket Anarchist Cat is not perfect – people food is too much of a temptation for him so we always have to ensure nothing is left out where he might get to it. It took him a little while to teach us not to leave food out, but we finally got it!

Hopefully our story will convince others to give a cat from the MEOW Foundation a forever home. We feel very lucky to have adopted the perfect cat for our family!