Reba Changes Family’s Perspective

It has been a month since we adopted Reba, the 0.6 year old cat. She is the SWEETEST cat with the sweetest personality; and as my first cat, I would say it changes my family’s view on animals.

My father was initially doubtful about getting a pet into our house. Right now, he is begging us to keep her (not that we are letting her go anyways!).

We gained new understanding about what cats really are.

Reba is by far the sweetest and the most “polite” cat ever. She can be naughty sometimes but that is just one side of her! We didn’t know cats like to fetch! Reba is crazy toward paper balls, she will run like a cheetah every time we throw one. Every time she wants to play, she will stand beside you and then show us her tummy again and again.

During the afternoon, she will only sleep near wherever we are and she welcomes us home every night as well!

This is a long email, but I just want to show my appreciation toward MEOW Foundation.