Playful in Seattle

I adopted Plato in August of 2010. As a kitten, he was small, a little on the funny looking side, and full of energy. I knew he would be the perfect friend for my year-and-a-half-old (at the time) cat, Darby. I decided to keep his MEOW name, simply because it’s awesomely cute, and I am philosophy-lover.

Plato and DarbyNow, 4 years later, Darby and Plato are the best of friends. They play, snuggle, sleep, and eat together. Darby grooms his baby brother throughout the day, and Plato knows that all he has to do to get some love from Darby is to flop on the floor, belly up, and chin out. They are so sweet together, and have such a strong bond.

Plato still loves to fetch. He will catch pretty much anything thrown at him–toys, wash cloths, socks, crumpled pieces of paper. He is still as playful as ever, and he keeps Darby on his toes. He also still loves to attack feet and hands under blankets, a game we call “The Blanket Monster.” He is absolutely hilarious when he plays. Plato is spoiled, he’s healthy, and most importantly, he is loved.

In 2011, I moved back to Seattle, and when people ask me where I adopted Plato, I proudly say, “MEOW Foundation in Calgary, Alberta! That place is the best!” I wish there was a organization as professional, as caring, and as memorable as MEOW here in Seattle. Without MEOW, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be Plato’s “Fur-ever Mommy.” If you ever make it down to Seattle, come and say “Hi!” to Plato and Darby!

Keep up the great work!

– Chelsea Fletcher