Patt-Chiss Loves Her Servants

I was adopted by a wonderful couple back in July named Nanci and Alan.

My name at the shelter was Levette but my new servants renamed me Patt-Chiss (Patches) because I have many including all four paws and my back. They seem to like weird spellings for some odd reason.

Well I whipped them into shape in no time and soon realized they were well trained by two previous MEOW cats so they understood who’s boss. My new Dad especially – he was told I enjoy peacock feathers and he follows the rules playing feather morning and night when he is home. So far I manage to destroy them in short order and they have to go and get me new ones on a regular basis.

I am very happy with my new home and I have scratching posts in every room and a hammock in the sunniest window. I’m the Princess around here and everyone knows it. I like to talk and can communicate very well with my staff about what I want. I even managed to get a large dog cage for the back deck and when the weather was good, I spent regular time there taking a nap or just soaking up the sun for awhile. Now that it’s cold, I revert to the hammock in the window. I have a harness to go for walks but don’t enjoy being held back but I’ve been reassured that it’s for safety so I deal with it.

My staff and I tell people about MEOW on a regular basis and are happily looking forward to the new shelter being renovated to help the yet unborn felines.

Asleep 1

Happy New Year