Our Little Prince and Princess

Dear MEOW,

It is so hard to believe that it has been two years today since we welcomed Louis and Cracker into our home, renamed them Jem and Scout, and fell completely in love with them. We thought it would be the perfect day to send an update and some pictures of our little prince and princess.

Both of them are now two, but they still love to play. Jem likes to pretend he isn’t interested in playing with something, but then when we least expect it he pounces and chases it all over the house. He especially loves licking toys filled with catnip! Scout is perfectly happy playing by herself, and keeping herself entertained. She loves toys, but also anything that can pass for a toy – especially her dry food which she chases around the IMG_1898 (1)kitchen. The entire house is their playground! Scout is such a chatty girl, always talking to us. She likes to announce to the household when she is going to jump up on something, and she often talks to the squirrels and birds outside. Jem is still not as vocal as his chatty sister, but he has found his voice a bit over the past year, and has been talking to us more and more. Mostly he tells us when he is hungry or when he wants something. Jem is a very sweet and loving boy. He loves blankets and is happiest when he is laying on a soft blanket in between us on the sofa. Scout is such a loving girl. She lets us know when she needs attention, and climbs up us to lay in our arms like a baby to get her belly rubbed.  The picture of them together is from our visit to Tara’s parents’ farm in Saskatchewan this summer. They loved checking out a new place and getting spoiled by Nana!

Thank you so much for taking care of our babies until they found their forever home with us!

Tara Fitzpatrick & Tamarea Bauer

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