Oslo Came to us at the Perfect Time


It’s been a month since I brought Oslo (formerly known as Baby Simba) home and I wanted to give you an update.

He is settling in really well. The first night I had him home he snuggled up into my neck and purred all night (he has a really loud motor!) He loves cuddling and being pet, but when it’s time to play that’s all he wants to do. He is very curious. I have found him in the bathtub on a few occasions. He loves to follow me around and is getting along well with his new big sister and the other animals in the house.

He LOVES to eat. He can take down a can of wet food in no time flat. If we drop something on the floor we’ve learned to pick it up quickly because he WILL come over to sniff and lick it. He also likes to crawl up and sit on your shoulders and look around up high. He has been very good about using his litterbox, but has a habit of watching me clean it then using it immediately after. (Cats, right? Oh well!)

He’s been growing like a weed, you can see the changes week to week. He came to us at the perfect time. I couldn’t have adopted a better cat.

Thanks so much to Shannon for all her help with the adoption process, and his foster family for taking care of him so well. I can’t wait to see where life takes us together.