Ollie Von Bickerton

This is Ollie (MEOW Name Lazzy) writing you from Aspen Hills, I’ve graduated from laying on this keyboard, to actually writing my first letter! Who better than to write the friendly people at MEOW who were nice enough to find me this sweet home? So, I’ve officially turned 1 in April and things are going great! I’ve discovered how to pester my servants by begging for food in the morning and asking to play at the most inopportune of times.

There’s another cat here, Mitsu, he’s a black tuxedo cat who’s a modest 15 years old! I Ollie and Mitsususpect he’s not a big fan of me, but I don’t know why, perhaps it’s the fact that I ask him to play far too often? Or perhaps it’s that we share the same litterbox and I always forget to bury my poo? I always attempt to make things better between the two of us by bathing him lots and making sure he gets his ray of sun in the main window. He’s taught me a lot – like how to beg for food and get your way every time we demand something from our servants.

I’ve recently started training for the kitten Olympics and have discovered my natural gift of playing fetch. My favorite toy is a ‘pom’ from the arts and crafts store. Nothing beats the feeling of catching the pom and bringing it back to my servant – dare I say it’s better than a belly scratch?

OllieAnyways, just wanted to let you know things are smooth sailing here. Again, thanks for setting me up with such a sweet house, I’m forever grateful and never forget about how lucky I am.


Ollie Von Bickerton