Ohana Comes Out of Her Shell

I remember when I had put in the application for Ohana at the end of June this year and I remember being told she was going to take some patience. I am proud to say she is making a lot of progress in her forever home. At first, she was very skeptical and didn’t agree with anything. Ohana and my other two cats didn’t see eye to eye first because she was hiding all the time. They were not to sure of her personality because as we can see she is a large but happy cat.

After a month, we started to barricade certain hiding spots because I was getting worried she may never get used to the rest of the place which really wasn’t fair to her or the other cats. Now, she sleeps in my bedroom which is attached to the “cats room” but she also does come out of the bedroom and into the kitchen and almost the living room. She comes to me when I am near her and she absolutely has lots to say when it comes to dinner or treat time. I’m pretty convinced she sees me as a giant treat or a can of food.

We cannot pet her and we decided to stop using the petting stick cause she really doesn’t agree with it. I can place my hand in front of her face though and it no longer fazes her. But there are times when she lets me touch her back…just not the face yet. She informs me of her feelings with either a chirpy meow or a delicate hiss.

Ohana and the other cats are curious of each other but unfortunately they haven’t quite figured out their grounds yet. This will probably take time. However, she does love to play and its great when I pull out Da Bird (cat toy). Ohana and my 7-year-old cat play together – at a distance.

We are so proud of her and her quick adjustment skills to our family.
I cannot wait, but I will to see how she will be by Christmas and then again by her Birthday in May. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have this talkative yet beautiful Cat.


Brenda, Mike & The Kitty Family =)