My Two Beautiful MEOW Cats

Tucker (formerly Lyle) was adopted at around 6 months old back in 2003. He was considered a shy cat, but has made significant progress over the years to be a much more social cat than expected. The older he gets the more he loves to snuggle up with humans.

Miles (formerly William) was adopted in late 2011, when he was a couple of years old. He had been a street cat being fed by MEOW before he got to the shelter. Miles is the sweetest, gentlest cat who quickly got comfortable with Tucker. Adopting an older cat was the best decision, as it was easier to see his beautiful disposition and personality.

The two of them love to snuggle with me on my king size bed! Oh how lucky one is to have a sleeping cat on each side of you. The two cats get along well, and seem to be good company for each other too.

Thanks MEOW for my two sweet furry roommates who bring me joy everyday.