My How You Have Grown Sir

It has been two years since I adopted my little kitten from you. At the time his name was Red-Ha. He was the runt of the litter, had stomach issues from the get go, but I clicked with him and brought him into my home with my other cat ‘Dude’.  

After proper introductions the new kitten was accepted into my home. I re-named him ‘Sir’ as he has a small white mustache and it went well with the name ‘Dude’ who are now best friends.

Sir and DudeI’d like to thank you for the happiest, cuddliest, cat. He has grown a lot since his baby days.. Like A LOT he’s a very big boy (not fat just long). You guys are doing amazing work, I am so happy and will ensure to spread the good word of the foundation. I have attached some pictures of Sir with his brother and showing the difference in two years. 

Sending love!