Monika and Her Antics

For years now I have wanted to email you to thank you for allowing me to adopt my little furr-baby, Monika. I adopted Monika in 2004 and I have had her ever since. She is in good health and I love her to bits!

We had, however, a bit of a rough beginning as she started EATING my clothes within the first few months of having her…ugh! Needless to say I have become a neat freak and have broken this habit.

Then her next challenge she presented to me was her grooming…to the extreme… I would joke that she was self-bikini-waxing, as she would tear out clumps of hair. She had a pink belly and clumps missing from her legs and tail. Then somehow we managed to alleviate this issue – a little water and distraction helped. But only to develop yet a new tick…screaming at the top of her lungs at various points of the night; preferable while I was asleep. To which point I had set up a blender to go off whenever she screamed – an extension cord ran up the stairs to the bedroom so I could turn it on remotely – always a prime/amusing centre of conversation when visitors would come over. Her keen senses/intelligence were eventually so attuned to when I would roll over in bed to set off the blender that she would stop screaming before I could turn it on, even whilst on another floor in the house!

Eventually we have come to a routine in these past 14 years and we have come to some semblance of “normal” for us. Needless to say she has been entertaining and perhaps most people would not put up with her antics…but then again isn’t that what parents do…put up with things that most will not? Regardless she is the apple in my eye and LOVE her to the utmost. Her cuddles and character are what make her so special. I wanted to THANK MEOW for allowing this little crazy furr-ball to be a part of my life.

Thank you,

Colette H