Merlin Fits New Family’s Routine

I was going through some papers and found a postcard from you from shortly after we adopted our cat last year, and thought I would send you some pictures.

We adopted Merlin (MEOW name Hamilton) from the MEOW Foundation around the end of April 2013, and he is a great part of our family now. He is so friendly and cuddly, and very patient with our toddler. Every morning when I am in the bathroom getting ready he comes and joins me – he’s part of my morning routine! He is also best friends with our other cat (Fred, adopted from the Humane Society in 2008). I have attached a few pictures for you – 1 from right after Merlin came home with us, and 1 from today of Merlin and Fred cuddling.


Merlin at homeFred (L) grooming Merlin (R)