Loving Our New Mom & Dad

It’s been two months since my sister and I were adopted and we wanted to let you know that we are very happy kittens and love our new forever home.

We were really scared when we got here and hid under the bed for a few days. Our new Mom and Dad were very patient and it didn’t take long for us to realize that we were safe. For those first few days, we really missed our Foster Mom and our sisters (Celia & Tatertot). Mom says she knows our sisters will find a forever home soon because she is sure that they are just as sweet and well behaved as we are (we don’t claw furniture, climb curtains or knock things off of tables – except for pens).

Our Mom & Dad love us very much. We have lots of toys – mice (not real ones), balls, feather toys and a big tall cat tree that is right next to the window. We get to watch birds, squirrels and bunnies play in the front yard every day. We get lots of cuddles every day too. Mom lets us sleep with her. My sister usually sleeps cuddled up beside Mom but I prefer to sleep on top of her (I’m sure she is cold and needs to be kept warm). We also bring her toys throughout the night so that she has presents to wake up to in the morning (our goal every night is at least two mice (not real ones), a ball and a piece of fluff or paper that we find laying around). Dad lets us help tie his boot laces every morning but says we are not very good at it so we will keep practicing. We also get to snuggle with him every night while he is watching TV and he sneaks us extra treats when Mom isn’t looking. We always make sure that his laptop does not have any dust on it and we are getting pretty good at turning it off when he is working on it (that way we can ensure Dad pays attention to us and not his laptop).

We have new names too!! My new name is Anni (MEOW Name – Purr-Kitty) and my sister’s new name is Alli-Kat (MEOW Name – Timbit-Kitty) but Mom calls her Little Bit all the time – she’s a lot smaller than I am. We love our new names and run to Mom every time she calls us.

Thank you MEOW for rescuing us from the streets and giving Alli & I a chance to be happy and safe in our forever home.

Love & Kitty Kisses

Anni (& Alli-Kat too)