Loving My Furever Home

Just getting my human from my furever home to send you an update to let you know that I (Missy, MEOW name Judy) am doing really well in my furever home. I have 2 brothers Domino, I like him a lot and follow him around, he is my BIG brother and then there’s Raine he can be a real pain sometimes, he likes to chase but sometimes he goes a little too far and I have to growl at him to tell him that I’m a girl and not into the rough play. I’ll get him one day when he least expects it, hehehehe.

I came into my furever home really scared and I would hide down in the litter box room for days on end. I finally realized that I was in a safe and loving home and started to come out more and more letting my humans pet me but, I won’t let them pick me up just yet they have to wait for that and for me to cuddle with them, just when we will see.Raine, Missy, and Domino

I have fun here they feed us wet food and dry food and we always get treats every morning, mmmmm treats.

Domino (MEOW name Dom) came from MEOW foundation too, he has been here a lot longer than me he’s a big boy.

We just got a new condo to hang out in – it’s really tall so I can get up there and see who is coming and be on the ready for play time. We have lots of toys and laser lights we chase. Its great here.

This is us in our new kitty condo.

Raine is on top, me (Missy) in the middle, and Domino is on the bottom.