Loki Update

I Thought it was time to send you an update on Loki (MEOW name Flamenco)! He is settling in well with his Rotten siblings, accepting the occasional sloppy kiss, sharing the couch and bed, and not even running away when they bark! He likes to be in the same room with the dogs and gets a little cranky when the dogs are all outside. He fusses until they are all back inside and in the same room. Then he stretches out, rolls on his back, and watches them! I think he believes he is now the owner of the big beasts. The dogs are very respectful and let Loki eat out of their dishes! Nose touching is quite common and Loki wants to be where the dogs are. No more hiding in my office!

It took quite a while to get to this state, but was definitely worthwhile. Loki is an affectionate, loving companion who likes to talk and cuddle.

Thanks to you and the wonderful volunteers at MEOW Foundation for rescuing Loki for me!

Lorraine L