Little Sugar and Tikko

Little Sugar, A Little Sweetie Pie

Little Sugar and TikkoLittle Sugar came into our lives quite unexpectedly one Sunday in November. See, we wanted to adopt her brother. She quickly stole the show though…lively, independent and such a beauty with two different coloured eyes and a heart-shaped birthmark on her nose.

My husband was the first to fall in love with her and as soon as I heard her little meow, I was all hers. We brought her home the very same day and began the process of integrating her with our first kitty…Tikko. Within days, they became friends and now they even take naps and watch TV together. She makes sure that Tikko gets all his exercise and he makes sure to keep an eye on her wherever she goes.

Sugar has brought all of us closer together, making us feel like more of a family than ever before. We love waking up a little early every morning to cuddle our babies before we head off to work and rush home afterwards to play with them.

She’s our sweetie pie…our little girl…our Sugar.

Sabrina P.