Little Louisea

It’s been just over a month that I’ve had little Louisea in my home. She’s become slowly more comfortable and it seems that she has chosen myself and one of my downstairs roommates as people she trusts. She’ll sit at the end of the hallway and watch whoever comes in the house. We’ve worked out our boundaries and she’s learned my routines so I don’t trip over her anymore, she used to run out of a room to try and get to my room and under my bed as I walked past. She also likes to sit and watch me as I do things, so sometimes she’ll sit in the doorway of the bathroom or sit in the entryway to the living room. Her and my first cat, Stella (also from MEOW), have become very close friends and like to run around as soon as I go to bed. They’ve become close enough that Lou can even steal Stella’s spot with no issues. They like to play with their mice and Lou has discovered that she likes the crinkly toys that she used to be terrified of. Now she won’t stop! It’s all I hear when I’m doing things around the house.

Louisea in the window

She likes to come and sit at my feet when I’m in bed, I think it’s that my feet are hidden by the blankets so she doesn’t think they’re there anymore. It seems that she’s slowly realizing that I’m the one who provides food and cuddles and she’ll let me pet her occasionally. It’s all a process and it’s going to take some time before she’s completely comfortable, but she has her spots that she hides and I just leave her alone to build her courage. I think her seeing Stella and I together is helping her understand that she can come closer and that it’s safe.

Thank you so much for letting me bring her into my home. She’s become part of the family and has made our home that much furrier.