Little Fur Balls Brought Back Joy to Our Family

I wanted to send a little update on the two kittens we adopted on March 30, 2019. 

We brought Plum Pudding and Butter Tart home on Saturday afternoon after visiting them at their foster families home around lunch time. All of the kittens, and mom, were absolutely lovely. They all came out to play and cuddle with us which made it difficult at first to decide which two we wanted to invite into our family. After about 30 minutes of playing, we decided to adopt Plum Pudding and Butter Tart. We are so happy we did.

After speaking with the team at MEOW Foundation and finalizing the paperwork, we rushed over to get them. It only took 10 minutes to bring them home, but for the kids, the drive home felt like hours. They were so excited to let them out of the case and play with them at home.

Once we were home, it didn’t take the kittens too long to get comfortable. They explored the house for about an hour, going upstairs, downstairs, on the couches, behind the couches, on the beds, under the beds and running back and forth on the main floor.  After that, they were ready for a little nap.  

During the day we had a little family meeting as they weren’t too keen on the names of the kittens. They wanted to rename them to make them truly ours. It took some time but we decided on their names that afternoon.  George (Plum Pudding) and Oliver or Ollie (Butter Tart). Dad had a little to do with George as he wanted to say, “I will hug him and squeeze him and call him George!” 

We had food and water out for them which they found right away and weren’t afraid to dig right into. We showed them were the litter boxes were and brought them there a few times to make sure they knew, and after a few hours were both in them together.  More playing was done on Saturday and then it was time for the kids to go to bed. All of them wanted the kittens to sleep in their bed that night, and they decided to sleep in our daughters bed right up against her, only waking her up 5 times that night. She didn’t mind at all. 

Over the first week, they settled in very well, always wanting to cuddle and be around us. They love playing with each other and then taking long naps snuggled in together. At night they seem to take turns in all the beds. One night in ours and the others with the boys or Emma. All depends how they are feeling, or who is warmer and not moving as much. 

Both are eating very well and know exactly when it is supper time. Mostly because we want them to eat at the same time as us so they don’t jump on the table and eat our food. As they love eating, they are growing fast! 

Ollie seems to be the one that likes to cuddle. He will make sure to hop up on your lap when you are sitting or on your chest when lying down. His purrs start even before he does this, and continue till we stop petting, which could be for a very long time. I have even put him to sleep in my arms just by rocking and petting him. He loves the attention. 

George is so friendly but likes to be just out of reach. That being said, when he is in the mood, you can’t get rid of him. He is all over you, purring and rolling around. 

Both have been amazing with the kids. Our last cat did not like kids, and didn’t like adults she didn’t know. These two love the kids and are always around them. They let them pick them up, pet them and cuddle with them. It it so amazing to see this. They can tell these kids love them. On weekend they spend most of the day with Emma, our oldest, up on her bed laying right beside her.   

We are so happy we adopted these little fur balls. After losing Kilo to cancer, this has brought that joy back into the house. Also because they like the kids and they can touch the cats. We are just so grateful for MEOW allowing us to adopt them.