Little Dickens Finds a Safe Place and Loving Family

I wanted to give you an update on my adoption of Little Dickens.

I adopted Little Dickens last summer after one of my two MEOW cats passed away suddenly. I thought the best way to honor his memory was to adopt another cat that wasn’t deemed “desirable,” which leads me to Little Dickens. I saw him on the website, I talked to an adoption specialist and learned that he’d been with MEOW for over a year and was extremely shy. I was fine with this as I still had Luca who is quite affectionate. So I came in to meet Little Dickens. I knew that he was the cat that I wanted.

For the first month, I barely saw him, he’d spend most of his time hiding behind my electric fireplace. Eventually I started to coax him out with a laser toy and we’d start to play with wand toys. He eventually started coming out and sleeping on the sofa at night, or would climb behind my bedroom window blinds while I was sleeping. Maybe 4-5 months in he finally let me pet him.

Now he wants pets all the time, he sleeps on the bed with myself and Luca. He’s climbing on me to lay down while I’m in bed. It seems like the bed is his “safe place” and where he seeks out affection. In the morning, once my alarm goes off, both cats are beside me wanting to be pet.

He has really come along way and it is such an amazing feeling when a shy cat starts to open up and become more confident.