King Barry

King Barry of DeWinton

Just a quick update on “King” Barry (who now lives near DeWinton in the country, ‘mouse’ territory).

He is the best cat EVER! I have never loved a cat before but we all can truly tell you he is completely loved and we are in love with him. He is amazing!!! The sweetest boy! He is wonderful with all 3 kids even if they are all huddled around him tormenting him with kisses and hugs. He lays there and takes it. You can tell he’s not impressed but he does nothing until they are gone and then he runs for his life. lol

I grab him regularly and give him a squeeze (hug) and some major kisses. He of course “ba-raows” (major meow) at this. He pretends to not enjoy it but he comes back for more.

He is a true hunter! Kills every fly that enters our house. He has also caught 1 mouse! He strutted his stuff after the mouse kill for several days. Even Ryan commented on how proud Barry is of himself. Also my husband has now admitted to liking the cat since the mouse kill. Says Barry has earned his respect and keep, lol.


Thank you so much!!!!

Minelle and family