Kefir & Gaby – A Pair for Life

We got our fur babies from the MEOW Foundation in November 2013. Kefir & Gaby (MEOW names Zen & Zayda) will be 1 year old on July 31st, 2014! They are doing very well and still love to cuddle (Kefir is the darker of the two).

KefirKefir – name is Hebrew & means “little lion” which we thought he looked like a lion because his nose is broad and his rounded ears. He is growing up to be a very large kitty. Mr. Laidback loves to give in to his sister’s wrestling just so she cleans his ears. When he’s not busy being the big brother, he’s usually chewing on one of his mouse toys or rubbing claws on his scratching post.

And Gaby (named Gabriela because it means “warrior of God” – she likes to ambush her brother even though he’s twice her size). She also lives up to her name – Gaby – as you can see from the picture. She is deceivingly dainty and cute as a button but don’t let her fool you; she’ll suck you in so she can have her way with you. She loves to cuddle, especially in the mornings. However, she always has time to wrestle her brother down and clean his ears for him.

GabyThank you for introducing us to our very much loved fur kids. We are so glad to have welcomed both – it would have been very sad to split the brother and sister. They love each other very much and they love their forever home. Can’t thank MEOW Foundation enough. We continue to recommend MEOW to any one we hear is looking for fur kids. We also made a donation in Kefir & Gaby’s name and ordered a care package from which you should be receiving next week.

Thank you!

The Getta Family

PS: Just as an FYI, the outside pictures are in our backyard. They only go outside on their harness/leash and fully supervised. They do not ever go outside without one of the adults with them at all times.