Kabeer and Kiki

I thought I would take a moment to let you know how great life has been for our two boys Kabeer (MEOW name Gouda) and Kiki (MEOW name Gruyere).

Since I had not been a cat owner before these two boys, I was unaware of what to expect as a new parent.
Here is what our boys have taught me:

  • I did not know I would actually answer when a cat spoke to me.
  • I did not realize I would almost instantly become ‘staff’, running to do the bidding of the cats at a moment’s notice.
  • I did not realize that having cats is, in fact, a form of therapy.
  • I no longer need to keep spare blankets for cold nights, as I eternally have at least one cat in my grill at all times.

KabeerThe boys are happy and bossy. This is apparently the exact plan that they had from the beginning, and luckily we came along to help further their cause. I could not imagine a day without them, and our kids regularly include the cats in our family plans for the future. ‘Can the cats come to the trailer?’ ‘Will the cats be at the hotel for the tournament weekend?’

We cannot thank you enough for the gift of our sweet yet demanding boys. They will celebrate their 2nd birthday in November, with cupcakes made by the kids and songs and catnip.

Kind Regards,
The Johnsons