June Bug the Love Bug!

Thank you for our little June Bug!  She has proven to be such a lovely little kitty. She still kneads (‘air kneads’ we call it) and will purr even if you just talk to her…she loves the top perch of cat tree and plays up there turning in circles over and over again! Our resident kitty, Shadow, doesn’t use the tree anymore, but we are looking for another kitty tree and I’m sure he will be OK. They don’t fight, but he still just tolerates her and she is all about loving him. She gives him his space respectfully, but sometimes forgets and loves to touch noses and smell him all over. LOL. She will play with a little pink mouse, her fav toy, for almost an hr on her own, Shadow sometimes watched in amazement.

JuneBugand ShadowWe still call her June Bug, but Kat decided she really is a Love Bug too, and sometimes Miss Bug. I call her just Bug sometimes cause she loves to get her nose into everything. So Bug being the common denominator.

We bought her a harness so she could go in backyard, but she really did not like that. She seems to be curious of the outdoors but never attempts to go outside. She is a bit fearful of it which is good, she never attempts to run out. So just wanted to let you know she has settled in, and with more time maybe Shadow and her will be good buddies. They do actually sleep with me together on bed.

Kat and Cindy R.