Joel is Quite the Character

I realized it’s been a bit since I updated MEOW on Joel!

Oh boy is there lots to tell you!!

Joel went for his monthly cartrophen shot a week ago and to have his nails trimmed. He clings to me like glue and didn’t want to go with the technician. We weighed him and the little pork chop is now 6.6 kg! I had to tell the technician that sadly Joel thinks he’s all that and a cup of tea! You need to tell him how handsome he is and he will be busy showing off his belly and purring at which point he’s putty in your hands. As a result the nail trim and shot went by rather quickly and peacefully while he ensured that everyone who looked his way told him how handsome he is! No ego at all!??

It is really hard to believe he was out on his own as he craves human touch and companionship. He is still worried about his next meal. Always needs to have kibble available or he starts to get anxious. 

Bless his heart he gets up at 5 am!! He really doesn’t care if you would prefer to continue sleeping or not. It always starts with a gentle paw to your face. If you ignore that he keeps it up eventually nibbling on you. You will awake to find his little face glaring at you and purring. He needs kibble! We have tried leaving kibble in his bowl to see if that helps but it does not. He will eat it through the night and still would like some at 5 am.

After he has had a bite to eat then it is play time. Try’s to open cupboards and doors will gently swat at your feet. Kinda cute! Of course by 9 am he would like some pate. Then it’s time to roam around a see if there is anybody still in bed he can snuggle with. 

 He most certainly did not appreciate the cold weather and I have attached a pic to show how he dealt with it. He’s fairly busy during the day mostly ordering me around and playing sheriff to the dog and is quite tired by 8 pm and will go to the human bed wait to be given a tuck in and sleep until 5 am.

He is quite the character and enjoys talking to you. If you call his name he just shows up and then meows if you meow back this conversation can go on for half an hour!

Joel says hi and to let you know he also really enjoys being brushed!

Lori and Joel!