It’s a Cat’s Life

Just an update to let you know that I am living a splendid and happy life with my Mom – Elouise Roane after she adopted me January 31, 2004.

I have written in the past but just to refresh your memory my name at the time of adoption was Jowlly however Mom renamed me Joey. I love my new name. Joe for short of course.

JoeyMom had a beautiful older Border Collie named Sarah when I was adopted into the household. Sarah passed away in July 2006 of old age. In August 2006, Mom and I moved to Edmonton so Mom could marry my new Dad Jamie. Jamie had an older dog at the time named Larry and we became great friends. (Sarah had a mad crush on Larry).

Two years later Larry passed away and in 2008 Dad gave Mom a Border Collie puppy for Christmas. Emma and I had such fun as she was growing up and we played well together. Soon it was decided that Emma needed a playmate so we adopted a Black Lab from the SPCA! Wow! Eva must have had a cat sibling in her previous life because we get along really well and often we greet each other nose to nose!!

What a trio we make!!

Mom often comments that she wishes that she could get in touch with my previous family just to let them know that I am very well and living a great life! Mom and I are “bestest” friends and I am sooooo loved, as are my sisters!!

Happy New Year!