In Memory of Voodoo: 1998 – 2012

Voodoo (MEOW name Cowboy) was rescued by the MEOW foundation back in 2002. When they went to set a cat trap out he literally ran to them with rose bushes all matted in his fur, happy to have human companionship. That’s Voodoo in a nutshell. Always a sucker for affection, always looking for a compliment (he truly was a very handsome cat) and eager for human touch. When we went to the shelter to find a new companion for our Schmoo, Voodoo literally picked us; the moment we sat down he jumped in my lap, followed by Derek’s. There was no mistaking it, we were taking HIM home and he was telling us so with his silent meow’s.

He acclimated to the house and Schmoo quickly, always the submissive cat and eager to please not only Schmoo but his new (human) parents also. Voodoo was a gentle soul, whose fav past times included curling up in a sunbeam, or beside Schmoo on the couch, and later in life in his MEOW bed. Schmoo passed in 2004, and along came Ross and Zigmar (both MEOW rescues) over time and he always welcomed new companions with snuggles and love, eager to show them the ropes. One of my all time fav photos is Schmoo, Voodoo and Ross gazing out the screen door at the back yard, with their tails curled around each other. That was my house and that encapsulated their love for one another. Later in life, Zigmar and Voodoo were inseparable, often sleeping curled up around each other; creating a mish-mosh of an orange/grey 2 headed cat.

Voodoo and SiblingAfter my separation, the 3 of my guys helped keep the loneliness at bay, and Voodoo was always ready to curl up beside me at night, cuddle while I read, and snore in my ear oh so annoyingly! His nemesis, “The Humidifier” kept him stumped for about 3 years while he glared at it, ran away, came back and stood guard, always ensuring my safety. One of his other fav past times was to watch Super Dogs on TV, he used to watch them go back and forth tilting his head from side to side, always leaving the other cats wondering what the hell had him so entranced.

The last year of Voodoo’s life was plagued with health issues, but he always had a smile and a cuddle ready regardless of his pain. Saying goodbye as we all know, is incredibly painful and the decision to help guide them to the Rainbow Bridge is never taken lightly. I never knew I would miss having his paw up my nose while I tried to read, or having his snoring wake me up in the middle of the night, but I do. My little-furball-of-love, with his beautiful green eyes, a gorgeous dark grey coat with white underlay, my Voodoo. Zigmar and I miss him terribly, and right now we are learning to become a 2-way instead of a 3, but at least we know Voodoo is in his eternal sun beam, sprawled out oh so ungraciously with his underside aimed at the sky.

Ned A. and Zigmar