In Memory of Rocket

Rocket was born at the Calgary Humane Society on September 9, 1993. I don’t know what happened to his siblings nor his mom for he left the shelter at 8 weeks old to live a happy life with us. When Rocket was 4 yrs old, Comet (his brother) came to our home as a puppy. Though they were not of the same kind, they were inseparable. Rocket was the leader and Comet the follower. Rocket developed many health issues in his last 4 yrs. They were all manageable including diabetes and kidney issues until it was cancer that finally took him.

I wrote this for Rocket if I may:

To my beloved Rocket:Rocket

I want to thank you for loving me, for being there for me. I was blessed to have had your love for 19 yrs 1 month 12 days… I always thank you for allowing me into your life and for changing mine… Thank you for spending your life with me… for being you my handsome Rocket! KNOW THAT I WILL FOREVER LOVE YOU AND THAT I WILL FOREVER MISS YOU… MY HEART IS NOW BROKEN AND IT WON’T BE COMPLETE UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN

Love always,

Mom… and of course Dad and Comet

In Memory of Rocket: September 9, 1993 – October 21, 2012

Rocket and Comet