In Memory of Normie

Normie came into Sherry’s life in 2001 as a tiny orange fluff ball of joy and mischief that, over the years, would be a constant friend and companion through all the good times and the bad. He always had love to give.

As a kitten if he wasn’t running and jumping all over he would be snuggling with someone. Normie was all about the snuggling. He was always looking cuddle up whether you were napping or watching TV. At night he would snuggle up to Sherry and watch over her making sure she was getting a good sleep until his 5 am feeding, when he would make sure everyone knew it was time to get up with his special Normie kisses. Normie always seemed to have a way of making people smile and laugh whether it was from him grooming his lions beard or his slight lack of grace when he would attempt jumping from one object to another. There wasn’t a day that went by that he wouldn’t put a smile on all off our faces.

Normie became sick and was hospitalized on July 27th 2008 and passed away peacefully on the 28th. You were loved and will be missed forever little guy thank you for being in our lives.