Mr Earl Grey

In Memory of Mr Earl Grey

Things I will always remember about our beloved cat – Mr Earl Grey, as written down on April 17, 2007.

  1. Flopped on stairs so I could stroke his back
  2. Met you at the garage door
  3. Came up the stairs when you clicked your fingers
  4. Played with any ball
  5. Was a “houdini”, getting into any box or cupboard – or even behind the piano!
  6. Scratched his post (and the odd chair!)
  7. Slept on your bed all night
  8. Raced out from hiding to surprise you
  9. Chased mice several times with at least two notches to his credit
  10. Loved to have his back hair brushed or combed
  11. Noise of him running around on the wooden floor upstairs (especially excited after a good poop!)
  12. Always stayed close when you were alone in the house
  13. Hid under the nearest bed when his carrying case came out
  14. Was so COMPANIABLE
  15. Managed for many years with only one tooth – Peggy at the cattery called him Elvis because of the resulting “lisp”.
  16. Liked to jump up at pieces of string
  17. Would sit at the top of the stairs looking at you with his head slightly cocked to one side.

Earl was a member of the family and will always be dearly missed and FOREVER LOVED.

In loving memory of a friend, companion, loving and much loved puss-cat,
From his Daddy