In Memory of Max

Well what can you say about Max?

What a little rascal he was. If he wasn’t outside on one of his great hunting trips around the neighbourhood, he was just returning and having a snack, or meowing at the door to go out again. He loved his little adventures around Varsity-we’ll never know exactly what he was getting into. Max was truly an adventurer, very independent, and lived every day to the fullest, but when he did let his guard down, it was really only to his owner and friend, Pam. She took such great care of him, right until the end, and gave him a lifetime of adventure and love, even though his life was cut much too short.

He loved his yearly trips out to the cottage (the chipmunks didn’t love it too much) and his crazy adventures around Calgary, but he mostly loved getting combed, having snacks, and snuggling with Pam. He was The King of Varsity, The King of Muskoka, and he will be missed by us all. With heavy hearts we say good bye to you Max.

Love The Lindsay and Saldana Families