In Memory of Kramer

Kramer was a cat among cats. He was, like many others, a cat who had known the rough side of the street. When we found him at MEOW, he was in dire straits for some TLC and attention to his diabetes. In fact, he had difficulty managing his hind legs, a common result of diabetes. We took Kramer home and within hours he joined the rest of our feline family and made himself right at home. Despite his affliction he displayed great bravery and courage by never giving up, he always tried to give his best to everything. Within 2 weeks, with regular treatment for diabetes he was walking perfectly and became as healthy and as active as any other cat. Kramer became the most talkative cat we have ever had. He always had something to say; whether about the price of mice in China or about catnip in Katmandu. He would always welcome us home with a cheerful greeting and a vigorous head toss.

Kramer was also a very social cat. He loved to be patted and have his tummy rubbed, so if there was an unguarded lap, he took it as his own.

Unfortunately, Kramer took a turn for the worst in April 2007 and despite all the best efforts of our vets he departed for the Rainbow Bridge on April 22.

Kramer: our hearts have a void that we know will be filled when we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love and kisses forever
Brand & Fay

PS: Thanks to everyone at MEOW for their support, and especially to Debbie for the help and extra support at times of stress