In Memory of Kichi

This is in memory of Kichi:

It has been nearly six months since your passing and there is still not a day that goes by that I do not think of you, my little “miracle boy”. I can only believe it is because of the enormous impact you had on my life. Kichi means “fortunate” in Japanese and indeed, I was the lucky one to have shared such precious time with you. It is true that time helps to heal for now I think much more often of the wonderful times we spent together.

In the beginning, I was determined to love you just a little bit less than any of my other fosters as I am always one to pull for the underdog, like the black scrawny ones. I knew that you, being Siamese with beautiful colouring and gorgeous blue eyes, were the kind that many of our potential adopters sought. But I could not have loved you more and I am so thankful for our many incredible memories that I will forever cherish.

You and I slept every night we were together with our hearts literally touching as you lay on my chest. Sleeping on my back was a big adjustment, but we woke up, still together, in the same position every morning. I should have slept better on those nights that you spent at the clinic, but I missed you too much.

During your good days when you were on the move, you would wag and wiggle like no other cat I’d ever seen. Your tail would wag a full swing back and forth hitting one side of your body, then the other, and never stopped. There was a slow motion look to your wag, with an added wiggle of your body due to your less than perfect balance that was so endearing to watch. Your tail wag reminded me of the swishing tail of the Felix “Kit-Cat Klock” with the rolling eyes that I have seen at the Cat House.

Of course, you slept a lot and I would often move you next to me whether it was to work at the computer or to wash the dishes. No matter how careful I was so as not to disturb you, the movement would stir you awake for just a moment and you would open your eyes that according to the vet, did not see well. But I beg to differ. Your eyes were as expressive as eyes could be. I am sure they were saying, “Thank you, I don’t want to be alone”.

As soon as I brought you home from the clinic for the last time and what I suspect was against the wishes of the vet, you surprised everyone by getting yourself out of a cozy bed and wobbling your way to the foyer where I was putting dry food in a bowl for the other cats. Your will to stay for as long as you could was amazing.

We owe a big thank you to Phyllys for allowing us to choose to be together right to the end. I feel great peace knowing that your last three days were your absolute best, often spent playing and wrestling with your brother, and that you passed away in my arms.

Keep wagging your tail, Miracle Boy. I will love you always.

Your MEOW Foster Mom